Does EasyCrypto have recurring investments?

Yes, setting up a recurring investment is indeed possible through your EasyCrypto account. This mechanism allows you to automate the process of investing a predetermined sum into your chosen cryptocurrency at regular intervals, ensuring you build your investment steadily over time.

To initiate this, begin by arranging a recurring transfer from your bank's online service. Following this, head over to the dedicated recurring investment section on EasyCrypto's platform at 

Here, you'll find a Plus icon to click, which leads you to select your preferred asset.

You'll then be prompted to detail the specifics of your investment: the amount you wish to invest, the anticipated annual growth percentage, the frequency of your investment, and the particular day of the month you wish the transaction to occur.

It's important to coordinate the timing of your bank's recurring deposit with the investment schedule on EasyCrypto to ensure the funds are available in your account, allowing for seamless trade execution.

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